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A Special Bond Forms When We Help A Beloved Pet Family Member Pass At Home

These testimonials from our clients mean so much to us!

“We had a 12 year old Greyhound with bone cancer. We felt she was too old to go through cancer treatments. It was a tough decision to let her go before she really started suffering.

The folks at Home with Dignity were so helpful, they made it bearable.

We sat on her favorite blanket in the yard where she spent years sunbathing. She was so happy. The veterinarian was so calming while explaining everything and stopping at each point to make sure we were ready. Ella passed in our arms as if she had fallen asleep. It was the most precious moment I could imagine. And I am so glad we got to say goodbye that way before she had to suffer and before we had to watch her suffer. I am so thankful for Home with Dignity. The moment would not have been the same if we had taken her somewhere to get euthanized.” – Matthew

“I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am for Home with dignity.. I had a very old and sick doggie, he was suffering so I looked up places and reviews, I called this number based on reviews from other people and I got no answer, so I hung up, not even 5 minutes later I got a call back. The woman (I forgot her name, so sorry) was very apologetic. She was super informative and very upfront about everything (including prices and procedures), which I truly appreciated. She made me feels better and actually cared about what was going on.

Long story short, I made an appointment for the following morning to have someone come out and help me let my baby cross the rainbow bridge. The woman who came out to my house the next morning (Jessica) was AMAZING! I just want people to understand what she did to was the BEST thing for my dog who was old and gets anxiety in cars or around strangers, she made my pup comfortable and also made me and my son feel comfortable. She was very informative about everything that was going to happen and did everything in the most gentle and loving way. What this company does incredible. I couldn’t imagine my dogs passing going any other way.

I cannot thank this company and the vet who came to my house enough! If anyone has a doggie who is suffering and it is their time to go, I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Home with Dignity! – Jess

“Yesterday, we had to say goodbye to our sweet girl rather unexpectedly. We always knew when the time came for our animals, we wanted to do in home euthanasia. Since our 12 year old Husky mix did a nose dive so quickly and out of nowhere (literally within 48 hours), we were completely unprepared and most of the more well known companies didn’t have openings until the next week this was on a Thursday). We knew our girl was in pain and couldn’t wait that long and by chance, my husband found Home With Dignity in the 11th hour and they said they could send someone the same day. Dr. Regan arrived exactly at the time he promised and made this horrible, traumatic situation sooo much more bearable for us. I had been crying for probably 48 hours straight but when he arrived, his presence IMMEDIATELY put me at ease – he was so calm, empathetic, and wonderful. We even laughed a few times with him remembering funny stories about our girl. Dr. Regan made one of the hardest days of our lives much more tolerable and we can’t thank him enough. We will be forever grateful ❤️” – Laura

“Dr. Brozda was absolutely amazing! Our cat, Rascal was not himself after being diagnosed with spinal cord cancer. We attributed his sleeping more and lack of usage with his hind legs as end of life for him. We were horrified at the thought that he may be suffering. Dr. Brozda came to our home and was so compassionate when she thoroughly examined him. She was extremely honest in her evaluation and thankfully let us know that he is not ready yet. She did not rush her time and consistently monitored his actions. She advised on some changes we can do to make him more comfortable. We are extremely grateful to her for her honesty, compassion and overall thoughtfulness. We are fortunate to have him with us longer but must admit that if it was time that he would be in such loving hands. We can’t give her enough praise and gratitude along with Home with Dignity!” – Chris

“Having had pets for 30 years, we’ve never had an experience with end-of-life that I would call positive. But from our first meeting Dr. Shrauner, Home with Dignity and Dr. Shrauner did everything with compassion and empathy. Dr. Shrauner even accommodated an earlier time, to allow our oldest child to be present. The office staff were kind and helpful, too, and there was no judgment when we scheduled and then canceled our first appointment. Dr. Shrauner answered our questions as thoroughly as we could have expected. He was there with us, but seemed to know exactly when to drop into the background and when to give us direction. He handled our boy with gentleness, even once he was gone. Loki experienced no stress that we could detect – so much different from the experiences we’ve had at the vets’ offices. Those vets were kind, too, but the vet is just inherently stressful for pets. The fact that Home with Dignity partners with Rolling Acres made the aftercare experience very easy, too.

Dr. Shrauner gave Loki and our family the best experience we could hope for, given the circumstances.” – Lara

“Dr. Ashley came to our house today and spent an hour with us downstairs in my daughter’s bedroom. We Shared memories, laughed, and cried. We could not ask for a more loving experience. She helped us obtain paw prints. As you are aware, this is a very hard time and our family got through it together. Thank you to the caring women on the phone and to Dr. Ashley. TJ was able to “go to sleep” in his favorite place on earth in a soft cozy cat bed surrounded by his family. Thank you Home With Dignity.” – Nacole

“Dr. Washburn showed our family the highest degree of compassion and professionalism when visiting our home. She took the time to get to know our dog, addressed our concerns with care, and gently explained each step of the process and what to expect. Our precious hound deserved a calm, respectful means of passing, and I feel so grateful Dr. Washburn was able to facilitate this. She not only took such good care of our dog, but us, too. Thank you for walking along side us during one of our most difficult days.” – Lindsey

“During one of the most difficult moments of our life, Home with Dignity was there with compassion, comfort and an unprecedented amount of professionalism. The vet that came to our home was Dr. Annette Bradley. I cannot put into words how kind, gentle, patient, and caring she was. Making this decision is so difficult, but Dr. Bradley gave our 17-year-old pug the most peaceful and loving departure we could have ever asked for. They also took care of helping us with cremation and getting a final paw print. I highly recommend Home with Dignity and Dr. Bradley.” – Erica

“I couldn’t have asked for this process to go any better. From my first initial messages with the staff, being so responsive, helpful and kind. The quickness of my appointment was great, I started messaging at around 3pm and the doctor arrived at 6pm. I should also note that when we reached out initially, we did not know for certain if this was it or if her disease was just progressing. They told me they could come and do an assessment and move forward from there. The professionalism and personal touch of the doctor was absolutely what my family needed. She was incredibly compassionate and kind to us and to Zoey, our 17 year old border collie. She took the time to ask me questions about my dog and she let me take as much time as we needed during the entire process. Finally when it was time to take my dog out, the car was set up so beautifully for her final ride. Also the cremation process was quick and the urn was so beautiful. For such a terrible thing to go through, Home with Dignity made it a beautiful process. I am so grateful we contacted them.” – Vicki

“I hate that I needed to make the call, but wouldn’t have it any other way. My cat had a stroke a few days before Christmas. He was not responsive, and couldn’t move. I set up the appointment, cried all day and had friends and family say goodbye. The vet who came was so caring and asked questions about my cat and truly seemed like she cared. I ended up getting him cremated and the box the ashes came in was lovely. I would much rather he live his final hours being surrounded by people who loved him, and in his domain, than picking a random day of the week to visit a vets office (which, my gato hated vets).” – Caitlin

“We never have enough time with our 4-legged family members. When the heart-wrenching decision was made to give our Daisy peace and comfort, we chose Home With Dignity so she could be in her favorite place upon her passing. Dr. Annette was the sweetest, kindest soul we could have asked for to walk with us through this journey. She took the time to listen to stories about Daisy’s life and adventures. We smiled and cried and loved on Daisy together, and Dr. Annette was so compassionately supportive for my son. Daisy was his girl. After talking with Dr. Annette, he knew we had made the right decision and we were all able to let Daisy go with our hearts full of love and blessings. Even though today was one of the toughest, it was also one of the most beautiful. Thank you, Home With Dignity and Dr. Annette, for everything you do. It has meant the world to us.” – Teresa

“I was a bystander, of sorts, as my neighbor struggled to get her large dog, “Missy” back into the house. Missy had insisted in going outside in the drizzle to do her business and didn’t have the strength to return inside. 3 of us got Missy inside, and I learned that someone from Home With Dignity was on their way, and stayed to offer support. Dr. Siomara Acevedo arrived, and I witnessed the most professional, and compassionate assisted transition of a loved one that I could imagine. Dr. Sio was patient, explaining everything she was about to do, and proceeding when Kathy was ready. Her words were comforting and well chosen. Missy was slowly sedated, and Kathy was informed and supported through the most peaceful kindness that we can extend to our beloved pets.

I was truly moved by what goes so beyond a skill set to touch a grieving heart. I hope to have many more years with my 2 senior cats, but in their time of need, I’ll be reaching out to Dr. Sio.” – Trish

“I can’t even begin to say how grateful I am that this service exists. My best friend and constant shadow crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on my birthday, 9/12. Not the best birthday I’ve ever had, but knowing we will always share a special day together does mean a lot. Marley had been pretty sick, and making one of the most difficult decisions in life was made so much better by having the assistance of Home with Dignity-Baltimore.

My best friend had to call them and set up the appointment for us, as I was to upset to talk on the phone, knowing my furry best friend was going to be leaving me. All the arrangements were made over the phone and Dr. Dan Zakai was sent to assist Marley in crossing over the Rainbow Bridge. This man was awesome, so kind and gentle with Marley, petting her and stroking her as if she were his own. He answered every question I had and explained everything that was going to happen and agreed with me that under the circumstances of her illness I was making the best decision for her. He spent a little over an hour with us and was so kind and gentle, he made you feel as though you’d know him your whole life. After he had carried her in her bed and blanket out to his car to make her final trip, he came back into the house and said he had to give me a hug. What a Wonderful man! Thank you Dr. Dan, you made a most difficult time in my life and Marley’s, much better than it would have been if I had taken her to the Vets office, which I have done many times in the past, the last, only 2 short years ago. You don’t get the quality time there that is given by Home with Dignity. If I ever have another pet, I will never again take them to the Vet to cross the bridge on their final journey. Thank you again, Dr. Dan for your caring and compassion.” – Peggy

“Dr. Ng, is a wonderful, kind and thoughtful human being. She was patient with me as I came to turms with the fact that it was time to love my baby more than myself. She was gentle and interested in who Fiona was to me. There was no pain, or fear. It was the best possible way to say goodbye to my best friend. Thank you so much Dr. Ng ❤️” – Karen

“I am so grateful for this service. My sweet Bellini had reached the point where she was too fragile mentally and physically to tolerate a car ride to the vet. Dr Erin Sako came to the house and did a wonderful evaluation of her mental and physical state. She also shared all of her findings and thoughts to help us make an informed decision and be at peace with our decision. When the time came for Bellini to be put to sleep she talked us through the process and it went exactly as she said. Our sweet Bellini was at home and surrounded by love. It was one of the most difficult things I have experienced but also one of the most beautiful. I am forever grateful for Dr Sako and this entire organization. ❤️” – Amy

“Dr. Dan was so compassionate and wonderful when we had to make the decision to say goodbye to our beloved cat. He was willing to spend as much time as we needed to make a hard decision, with no pressure at all. I didn’t know about Home with Dignity before, but they were the ONLY home “passage” service that would come to our Northern Baltimore County home on a Saturday — I called two others who couldn’t help us. I’m so grateful that Dr. Dan was there with us during this heart-wrenching time, and I recommend Home with Dignity to anyone who wants their beloved pet to take their last breaths peacefully in their own home.” – Valerie

“When we realized our Bentley was failing in health, we looked to have him pass peacefully at home. Bentley was 17+ years and recently had several seizure episodes that debilitated him. We chose “Home with Dignity” after reading reviews of so many grateful pet owners. Dr. Zakai was everything and more in supporting and easing our heartfelt pain. He was so gentle, as he touched Bentley and explained the steps to his passing. We are sooo appreciative of his tranquil nature of easing this process. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIS SERVICES.” – Karen

“I cannot recommend this service enough. I’m posting while this is still fresh. Dr. Dan came to our home today to help our boy Billy pass. Billy was struggling with cancer and had passed the point of being comfortable through the day and having a hard time going #2. We made the hard decision to ease his suffering and Dr. Dan really helped make us comfortable with both the decision to do so and the process itself. It was clear from the moment he walked in the door that he cares deeply for animals. I cannot recommend this business enough. If you need to have a loved pet euthanized call Home With Dignity. The cost is about the same as through your regular vet and you don’t have to make your pet go through this in an unfamiliar sterile setting. They can be comfortable in their own bed at home.” – William

“Words are failing me to describe the upset and pain of losing my beloved boy Boo-Boo today. I will be forever grateful to Dr. “Sio” for helping me through this difficult time. Not only was she loving, kind and knowledgeable, she took her time to explain what my cat was experiencing and how the procedure/process would work. I let go. We are thankful Boo-Boo was at home and at peace. And it was all due to a special vet/human being as Dr. Sio.” – Alicia

“I highly recommend Home with Dignity. It’s not easy to let your pet go, but they made it as easy as something like this can be. Dr. Jessica Brozda was so kind and compassionate during her visit. She explained everything in detail, made sure our Chloe was comfortable, looked for our ok prior to moving onto the last step and gave us unlimited time to say our goodbyes before, during and after it was done. Our Chloe felt no pain and wasn’t at all anxious because we were able to do it in her own home and in her own bed surrounded by her family petting and loving her the entire time.” – Janet

“I would like to thank Dr. Sio so much.. we can’t thank her enough for helping us say goodbye to our Lobo. Dr. Sio explained everything in Spanish and allowed us to say goodbye to our sweet boy. She called before had to ask if we had any questions, explained step by step what she was going. She was kind, professional, considerate, informative and patient at every step. We are grateful for the compassionate care we and Lobo.. She let us know we were doing the right thing and we just can’t thank her enough for her help during this difficult time. Thank you Dr. Sio!” – Clara

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