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In Loving Memory

Pets make our lives richer. When they leave us, the memory of their time with us is bittersweet, but something we want to hold close and even share with others. Because of this, we’ve made this memorial page for you. Please feel free to tell us about your special friend and attach your favorite photo.

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Kansas City, MO

Jasper was born in my backyard. He was part of a group of feral cats I was feeding. I sat outside every night while they ate and he started coming to me. At first just for petting, but soon he was sitting on my lap. After he got ringworm, I brought him into the garage to treat him and then into the house. I noticed him doing things that were unique to a dog I used to have. When that dog died, I told her to come back as a cat. I know Jasper was that dog. He followed me around the house and met me at the door. He was so loving. I miss him every day. I’m grateful for the years we had and at peace with helping him transition to spirit this time. – Tammie


Colorado Springs, CO

Best dog I’ve ever had. Diagnosed with bone cancer at 8 yrs old. We did everything we could and our insurance paid for almost all of it. We put her through several surgeries, an artificial leg, physical therapy and chemo, but it still went through her body. Not sure we would do all that again. It was a lot for her to go through. Once we knew it has spread, we had to let her go. One of the saddest days of my life. Doing this at home where she was comfortable and avoiding all the hassles of taking her into a clinic (that represented so much pain and struggle), was the only way to go. Peaceful, private, personal – if you have to do this, there is no better way! Thank you everyone at Home With Dignity. – John


Colorado Springs, CO

I am forever grateful to find this agency and get to meet Andy Majed. He truly was an angel today when it was time for me to say goodbye to my 18 1/2-year-old Shih Tzu name name Sammy. He excepted my case even though I was out of his service area. He came and took the time to get to know Sammy and me and to make sure they were giving me the things that I wanted for her. The entire process there was no rush no hurry and in fact it was encouraged to take the time and love on her before during and after. I highly highly recommend them it’s so much better for them to pass away in their own home than to be at a veterinarians office in an exam room. It was better for her and my other three dogs to be there with her. I will forever be grateful for these angels who were there for me and her on a very difficult day. God bless you all and especially Trisha, Tabitha and Dr. Matchett – Stacy


Colorado Springs, CO

I have never mourned a dog like I have Louie. Louie came into my life at a difficult time and became my constant companion. He was so patient, sweet and loving; he was the best dog I’ve ever loved. – Judy


Kansas City, MO

Our Bella has always been happiest outside. When it came time for her to pass we knew we didn’t want her final moments to be filled with stainless steel tables and the smell of disinfectant. Home With Dignity lives up to every word of their name. Bella was able to spend her last moments where she’s always felt most at home – outside, with the sun shining and the wind mussing her fur. Everyone I interacted with was warm, professional, genuinely compassionate, and quick to respond – without being intrusive or falsely syrupy. I truly believe Home With Dignity gave our *whole* family, furred and furless, the most peaceful and perfect way to say goodbye. – Nicki


Colorado Springs, CO

My sweet boy Dakari took his last breath yesterday in the comfort of our home, surrounded by those who loved him, and with me (his mama) stroking and kissing his face until the end. He gave me/us over 13 years of love, joy, smiles and happiness. It was so difficult to say goodbye but the decision was right for him… he was not well (dreaded cancer) and he was tired. He would have held on for me as long as he could, but it would have been out of my selfishness. So, love forced me to set him free. It was quick and peaceful… he was ready. Dakari was like no other, the sweetest, most loving boy, who never gave me any issue. I cannot express just how much of my heart this boy held… His legacy lives on in his daughter (my Raven) … but this house will never be the same. He has left a huge hole in our lives… but we are grateful for every second, every memory – even the few days we bought at the end just to sit with, talk to and pet him. Dr. Matchett was kind, compassionate and empathetic. We are so grateful to have made this choice… it didn’t feel right to put him through the stress of taking him somewhere for the inevitable. We love you our sweet boy … you will be missed every moment of every day. Thank you Home With Dignity for providing this service to be with our babies until the very end. RIP my sweet boy


Colorado Springs, CO

We would like everyone to meet one of our Guardian Angels. Toby was a Therapy dog. He was very gentle with children. Anytime the family would be watching tv shows with animals, he would bark and whine at the screen. He loved to go for car rides and walks. He will be forever in our hearts. – Eydie