In Loving Memory

Pets make our lives richer. When they leave us, the memory of their time with us is bittersweet, but something we want to hold close and even share with others. Because of this, we’ve made this memorial page for you. Please feel free to tell us about your special friend and attach your favorite photo.

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Columbus, OH

This is Nakita, aka Baby Bear, Bear, Niecey and so many other names that she’d gladly come to. Many of you have probably seen her on this timeline a time or two or 100x. She was rescued along with her brothers & sisters who were abandoned on the side of the road, and after all of them got good homes, this little lady stayed with us. For 16 years she gave us joy, laughter and a kind of friendship, a bond that you cannot replace. No matter what you were feeling she was there to cuddle, play or simply just sit beside you in the moment. Those moments keep playing in my head through teary eyes and a broken heart. I cannot recommend enough Home With Dignity, they came to our house, Dr. Thomas spent time with us & Nakita, and on her favorite bed, her head on a pillow that was in my lap, she rested. It was the most beautiful, gut wrenching moment of my life. Nakita, I am forever grateful for you, the unconditional love, the reminder of how precious life is. I know when you crossed over that beautiful bridge it got a lot brighter, and my dad was waiting, go run, jump, roll around in the grass you, my precious angel. #bestgirl #loveyou🐾 #goodbyefornow – April B.


Colorado Springs, CO

Scrappy Doo, The Scrapster, Scrappy Man, Sir Licks-A-Lot, my handsome boy, my lil’ man. We were so lucky to find you at the Humane Society and bring you home. You brought Daddy’s spirits up when you visited him in the hospital, and it helped him so much to recover. You kept me company during his long hospital stays. You had such a big personality, you made us laugh and fall in love with you more and more every day. I’m so sorry you had kidney disease and couldn’t be with us longer. I miss you beyond words and when I see you again, I’ll have your Scrappy jacky and some watermelon along with lots of hugs and kisses. – Denise P.


Colorado Springs, CO

Tanner is my very best friend and the love of my life. He passed away Wednesday evening after a neurological disorder took hold of him. Within just 2 weeks he went from his usual running and jumping self to not being able to hold up his head for more than 30 seconds. He lost almost all bodily mobility. This truly blind-sided everyone. It was likely this was going to attack his organs next and I couldn’t let him pass in pain. This was the hardest decision I have ever made.

I hope he now happy, comfortable and running around like the puppy-at-heart he always was.

Tanner, I miss you dearly and the hole in my heart will be waiting to heal until we are reunited again.

Tanner’s Story:

Tanner was adopted from Davis County Animal Shelter in Utah on April 17, 2012. I got to spend 12 years and one week to the day by his side ( not nearly long enough.) He was originally set to be adopted by someone else, but as soon as I saw him I knew it was meant to be. I begged my mother to take me to the shelter right before they closed to ask about him again and the hold that was on him had expired. We went back the next morning and Tanner and I’s story began.

Tanner grew up with me- he was with me for half of my life and moved from state to state by my side. He lived in Utah, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Colorado, He visited even more states than most of my family has! He loved beach days, playing tug-of-war, and any and all food in the world- except raw zucchini, but loved cucumber somehow.

He worked full-time as an alarm clock, waking me up no later than 6am for breakfast every morning. He never took a walk than didn’t involve dragged me down the road. He wanted outside every 5 minutes during any snow storm and never came in without a small pile of snow on top of his nose. He was made of sunshine and it was obvious to anyone who was lucky enough to meet him.

Most importantly, he was the best dog anyone could ask for and I will be forever grateful that I was lucky enough to be his person.


Philadelphia, PA

It still feels surreal to see her bed empty but I know she is at peace. Leia had such a personality. She was incredibly smart and stubborn but that only made the stories and memories even more enjoyable to recall. Leia was my soul dog and I’m slowly finding to will to accept each day without her. Dr. Brozda was so sweet and made this incredibly hard decision more comforting to go through. We never felt rushed and she treated Leia with such dignity and respect.

Farewell my sweet Leia – till we meet again. – Germaine M.


Kansas City, KS

Joe was one darling sibling of a pair of kittens we adopted from a friend who fosters. Much more of a cuddler than his more playful and confident brother, Cliff, he would seek me out and sit near me to suckle the third toe on his back left foot and did this right up to his last year, his sixteenth, with waning gusto and varying levels of embarrassment. He knew he shouldn’t need it, but he still did. And, as it turns out, I did too. As someone who chose not to have children, I am grateful to have been able to nurture him. He was a regal and lovely cat, and I will love him forever. – Kelly B.

Bootsie Lou

Kansas City, KS

Bootsie Lou, my cherished companion, gained her angel wings on 4/17/24. She was not just a snuggle buddy or coworker but my best friend. She was always the first to inspectieverything entering the house from photography props to toys. She had the absolute softest fur … she felt like a little mink. Initially our foster in 2018 due to declining health and a positive FeLV diagnosis, she became a beloved family member. Despite her health struggles, we promised to always care for her, making the difficult decision for her peaceful passing at home when her breathing became a challenge. Bootsie Lou made a lasting impact, and her loss is deeply felt. Rest in peace, my sweet angel. – Kristin W.


Colorado Springs, CO

Sweet Harley went to doggy heaven yesterday, our/my heart is broken. He was a gentle giant with a big personality. I look through these pictures and I notice a lot of times he’s just laying beside me. Harley was a protective but only looked intimidating would not hurt a fly. Our house is empty without him. He definitely made an impact in my life. If any of our friends and family knew Harley please post your memories of him. Fly high with Tiny Man Harley. – Tammy S.


Saint Louis, MO

Ola, was a rescue puppy who had a tough start in life. she stayed a bit leary of most through her life. Though she became a member of our family and loved and trusted us, as we did her. Even after 14 years together her she was still like a baby, a true sweetheart. She was my girl, my best comrade. She will be forever in my heart. – Deborah T.


Cleveland, OH

We unfortunately had to say goodbye to our 10 year old dog Henry just yesterday. He had been battling cancer for over a year and his body just couldn’t take it anymore. He had been struggling to sleep and breathe for the past few weeks and months and his normal everyday life had just become a struggle for him. As hard as it was to say goodbye it was what was best for him. It was an absolutely horrible couple of days, but we did find some peace and Dr. Emma from Home With Dignity made things very easy on Henry. Seeing him finally be able to relax and be able to get comfortable before passing on was a great relief to us. Dr. Emma was great and very compassionate. You could tell she felt our sadness and our pain, but understood the importance of us being able to do this in the comfort of our own home. It was better for Henry and it was better for us. We got to take our time and we got to have more of the people he loved there with him giving all of that extra love that he gave us for so many years. It breaks our heart that he is gone, but it was a decision we had to make. I don’t know if there is a more peaceful way for them to go and I would recommend this process to anyone going through this difficult time. – Chris C.


Philadelphia, PA

Bing was our baby. As a childless couple, we put every ounce of our energy into him. Our love for him was endless.

After a cancer surgery, Bing’s kidneys started to fail him and that process progressed much quicker than we expected.

When it was time to help Bing pass, we contacted Home With Dignity. Dr. Brozda came to our home and examined our boy, only to agree the time had come. She was kind and caring and absolutely went at our pace. She explained everything to help us with the process.

As my husband and I sat on the couch together, I held Bing during his last moments, kissing his head over and over.

It was the most peaceful experience. Dr. Brozda gave us time alone and did not rush us.

Bing left us knowing nothing but love, a lot of love.

He will always be our sweet boy ❤ – Stefanie and Bob H.


Colorado Springs, CO

In loving memory of this gorgeous, sweet girl, Maggie. <3


Colorado Springs, CO

In loving memory of this gorgeous, sweet girl, Simba. ❤


Minneapolis, MN

To say that Reina was a sweet dog is an understatement. She came to us at approximately 2 years old and we were fortunate to have her in our lives for another 13 years. She came to us as the most well-behaved dog and had such a natural kindness to her. We never did know her mix of breeds but we like to say she was 100% “Good Girl”. We appreciate every day that we were able to spend with her and will miss her greatly. – Kori B.


Cincinnati, OH

I would like to thank Home with Dignity and Dr Pam for the compassionate assistance in helping our family let go of our beloved Angus and 13 yr old blue pitty.

I and my wife have been married 39 years and do not have children, so our dogs are our children. And being a certified vet tech many years ago myself, we know and have faced the pain of losing them every 9-13 years does not get easier.

Our Angus and others have brought the most genuine pure love into our homes and souls, that I believe most humans are not capable of giving. Only a fellow dog lover can understand that claim and experience it.

Our dogs are not pets or property, they are our family and treated equally in our home. No cages or separations from us or the house and grounds ever.

Dr Pam was wonderful, the second I greeted her at the door I could feel the love she has for animals and even though she had never met Angus before the sorrow for him and us. She was so gentle with him and only after a thorough examination concurred that we were making the right and caring decision at this time. Angus left with his mommy and daddy holding him and no sense of fear or pain because of Dr Pams technique and loving nature. She made this a soft landing for I and my wife and Angus.

It takes a special person to be able to do that. And I just wanted to thank her from our hearts.

A dog can read a person very easy, and Angus knew Dr Pam had love in her soul and was relaxed with her being with us. – Rodger & Sheila Y.


Kansas City, MO

The best thing about Titus was how good a judge of character he was. In the almost-seventeen years we spent together, the only people who ever came in the house that he liked were my mother and my wife. Every other person was not worthy to share his space.

He knew what he wanted out of life and he made sure to reach out and grab it hard every day. When he wanted cuddles, you were expected to make room for him; when he wanted food or treats, he was in your business until you figured it out and got up and provided. He would sit in the kitchen and stare at you until you realized that he expected you to offer him turkey. One of his favorite things in the world for his entire life was lapping up the water left behind after you finished your shower. And he made it unmistakably clear when he was ready to go, too.

I was his best friend for his whole life, never replaced, without equal. And being able to let him go easily and peacefully, in a sunbeam, surrounded by birdsong, was a blessing beyond measure. He left giant pawprints on the hearts of everyone who knew him, and we find the house is empty without him. – Reid K.


Philadelphia, PA

Home with Dignity was amazing with my sweet boy. He had a very rapid progression of his cancer and symptoms and they accommodated a same day appointment so easily. Dr. Jessica Brozda treated my boy with so much dignity and respect, she allowed us time and answered all of our questions. He was only 10 and was just diagnosed with liver cancer three days ago so I didn’t have much time to process everything, but knowing he could pass at home with his family gave me so much peace. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ❤. – Jaime W.


Atlanta, GA

How difficult it is to say goodbye…. Thank you for so much love, for taking care of me and for teaching me what it means to be unconditional!! See you soon Ruby, I LOVE YOU.

A special mention to Dr. Acevedo, who not only took care of us, but also had a unique human warmth. It is not an easy moment but with her professionalism and charisma she made us say goodbye to her with great peace.

Excellent professional and human being. – Sara R.


St. Louis, MO

Shorty was adopted from the Human Society and lived with us for 13 amazing dog-lovable years. She was a buddy to all, sitting on their feet, giving little licks and brightening up any room she strolled into. Enjoy your walks and be kind to your new friends in dog-heaven-we love you Shorty! – Cindy F.


Atlanta, GA

In loving memory of this handsome angel <3.


Saint Louis, MO

Magi was my little shadow. He loved to chase paper balls and he would actually fetch and bring it back! He is greatly missed by all who knew him. – Natalie D.


Cleveland, OH

Born in Apr of 2010, Baby was gifted to my mom. When my mom passed, I brought Baby home to be part of our family. Baby lived a loving 13.5 year, 6 of them with me and she was quite the character, she was set in her ways so we learned to adapt to her life style, not her to ours 😊. She was loyal, loving, and stubborn. But she was deeply loved, and is greatly missed. She is with her real mom now, getting all the ear rubs she has missed ❤ – Robbin M.


Colorado Springs, CO

Theres not enough words to express how much Flapjack means to our family. Flappy wasn’t just a pet, he was our boy. Flappy loved nature and the outdoors. His favorite things were to go on walks, car rides chewing on bones, getting his ears and belly scratched and just sitting by a window or door so he can see and smell the outside air.. Sometimes when playing with his brother and sister he would get really excited and run around the house as fast as he could so we would call him Flashjack. He was the best dog ever and loved so deeply… His best friends were his mom, dad, his brother Shorty and his sister Maple. We are all so thankful for having flappy in our lives and will miss him forever. Thank you for everything Flappy and be at peace my boy. Mommy , Daddy, Brother and Sister LOVE you so so much. – Paul & Jenny M.


Cleveland, OH

This is our sweet kitty, Cricket. She came to us as a stray 6 years ago. She was a calm, gentle, quiet cat who loved belly rubs. When she started losing weight, we knew something was wrong since she loved her food and reminded us when it was breakfast or dinner time. Early February, 2024, we discovered that she had large masses on both kidneys and they were most likely cancerous. It only took a few weeks for things to take a rapid downturn. We called and got an appointment with Dr. Emma Thomas so Cricket’s suffering could end. Dr. Thomas compassionately helped her over the rainbow bridge. Our hearts are broken, but we know Cricket is at peace. – Karen M.


Saint Louis, MO

We only got to enjoy time with Tofu for 8 months before we unfortunately had to put her down after she developed a very aggressive form of lymphoma. Before she got sick, she was so full of energy and life. We will always cherish the memories of her running back and forth with toys in her mouth or chasing our other cat around. She was very vocal and we loved hearing her calling for us from the hallway to come feed her. Tofu was shy and scared of most people due to a history of abuse from a breeder before she was rescued by the foster that we got her from. I wish more people could’ve had the chance to see her outgoing and silly personality, but I’m so happy that she trusted her family enough to show us who she really was. Home With Dignity allowed us to say goodbye without having to stress her out by taking her outside of the home, which I appreciate so much. She had been through enough, so an easier passing was so much better for her and the rest of her family. It was one of the hardest decisions we have ever made, but we couldn’t watch her suffer anymore. Tofu will be missed every single day. – Amanda M.


Minneapolis, MN

We got Sammy when I was around four, and almost immediately, she gave herself the job of being my protector. She would always try to protect me when my dad and I would play fight, and when I was about 16 years old, I was walking her and a man approached, and she was typically a very sweet girl, but she immediately went in front of me and growled at him. She was very loyal, sweet, and loving. She always knew when I was upset and would join me on my bed to comfort me. She started to deteriorate about 2-3 years ago, and got less energetic and would sleep all day. However, when I came home from college for a visit, she would always regain a little of her spunk. She was very loved and will be greatly missed, and I even plan on getting a simple tattoo in memorial of her and my cat that passed away three years ago. – Lexi J.


Philadelphia, PA

We rescued a bonded pair of boxers in October of 2020. Hans and Helga quickly became part of our family and we loved having them here. Helga was a sweet and lovable little boxer girl, always looking for a head scratch or a snuggle. Losing her suddenly was devastating- we are so grateful to Home with Dignity for their help. Dr. Jessica Brozda came to our house and we felt an immediate connection with her. She was incredibly kind and so empathetic. Dr. Brozda made a very sad day bearable and we will be forever thankful for her amazing compassion. – Greg and Vicki A.


Minneapolis, MN

On 12/28/23 we said goodbye to our sweet Pippen Tenderboy. He was a loving and sturdy presence in our home and saw us through some of the most life changing moments. We got married, bought a house, and had a daughter, and Pip loved us through all of it. Pippen was goofy and playful, while also being lazy and sleepy, as all greyhounds are.

It was impossible to get to know him and not fall in love with him. He was a truly gentle soul who was bred to be a racing dog but didn’t make it long because he never cared to chase rabbits. He just wanted to snuggle, explore, and connect with people and animals. He was handsome, funny, patient, and curious. We have had countless people tell us they’ve never met a dog quite like him, and we can’t imagine that we ever will.

Our home won’t feel the same without him resting on the couch, watching over us and waiting patiently for a treat, a walk, or a scratch on his ears. We are incredibly lucky to have known him. We will love you forever, Pippy Boy. – Allison

Trevor Lee

Cincinnati, OH

Trevor, We love you so much. 15 years was too short. We miss your toaster-shape, how you would slow blink at us. Waking us up at the same time everyday for breakfast. Your sweet crinkled ear.

It’s too quiet, and your absence has created a black hole that we will never be able to escape from.

Loving you will continue for the rest of our lives, as grief is the most sincerest form of love.

Thank you for keeping me safe and for saving my life. My baby boy. My Trevor Lee. – Micah C.


Saint Louis, MO

Goose is really not the ‘what do you mean you let him on the couch kinda dog’ but more of the ‘we’d let him borrow the car if he needed to kinda dog.’

He was left at an animal hospital when he was barely six weeks old because he was a Newfie Black Lab mix and they they thought he would be too big. Well, they were right because he turned out to be larger than life and we fell in love with him instantly. I seriously don’t think there was ever a person that met him and didn’t instantly fall in love with him too.

Nearly 15 years (that’s 105 in dog years) later we were faced with the decision to help him cross that rainbow bridge. Thanks to Home with Dignity he was able to spend his last day with his momma and daddy feeling safe and secure in the only home he ever knew.

Goose lived his absolute best life, and WE are the lucky ones that got to call him ours. We miss you more than you will ever know. Our hearts may still be breaking, but we know we will see your again. We love you Goosie! – Sherri and Andy K./p>


Saint Louis, MO

I loved you your whole life …I will miss you the rest of mine. I’m heartbroken! You were the best, most loyal companion! Life won’t be the same without you, my Chloe girl!! You will be terribly missed! Dr. Birkner was awesome, and we truly appreciate them fitting us in the same day! – Mandy H.


Colorado Springs, CO

I don’t think I could’ve gotten through the last 12 years without her, every time I was sick she would not leave my sight except to go to the bathroom and eat her food and she would be right in my lap. To be honest, she’s the only dog that I’ve ever kept, and because of her huge heart and ability to sense everything I was going through she became someone I needed, and someone I truly loved. No words can describe the feeling of heaviness in my heart today. – Kim B.


Colorado Springs, CO

In loving memory of Odin. We’ll miss you everyday. Until we meet again.


St. Louis, MO

In loving memory of DQ (Heidy-Q, Twitchy Tail). She will be greatly missed! <3


Cincinnati, OH

I have high expectation for all things customer service and related to business transactions. Our Alphie was terminal with cancer and on 11/27/23, we brought in Dr. Pamela Kloepfer to assist in Alphie’s transition.
Dr. Kloepfer presented with professionalism and empathy. She is perfect for her role and I cannot say enough about her
and Home with Dignity.

All of my expectations were exceeded!

Dr. Kloepfer understand the gravity of these moments and I will trust her again when the times comes for our next sweet baby to pass. Alphie left this world in the exact manner as promised….with Dignity!

Thank you, Tim & Lisa Clifford.


Colorado Springs, CO

When we found Tirzah, we were actually at the pet adoption to see her sister, but were given her first while the rescue finished unloading the dogs.

She immediately chose my husband as “her person” by running at him and circling in his lap to plop down for pets. We brought her home less than an hour later. Tirzah was the most caring & peaceful dogs I’ve ever met. She helped us welcome home our girls from the hospital & always slept right by their bassinets. She loved being outside & would have lived out there 24/7 if we had let her. When it snowed, she couldn’t wait to go outside and make snow angels! Even when she slowed down from arthritis & age, she ran around outside as much as she could. We miss her, but cherish every moment we had with her over the last 11 years. – Katie H.


St. Louis, MO

My beautiful sister ,I miss you so much. I’ll miss playing toys and giving you belly rubs. I hope you are running through grass again I know how much you loved scratching your back on it . I can’t wait to see you again. I’m just glad you are out of pain without the cancer now. I miss you so much and love you very much. – Emily H.


St. Louis, MO

In loving memory of Wolfie. <3


St. Louis, MO

In loving memory of Phoebe. <3


St. Louis, MO

In loving memory of Mi-Mi. <3


St. Louis, MO

After managing her kidney disease over the last 6 months, our sweet, 15 year old Himalayan furbaby was able to pass peacefully in our home. Dr. Birkner with Home with Dignity showed our family such care and compassion throughout the entire process. We are so stricken with grief but are grateful for this kind service – allowing Cashmere to cross the rainbow bridge, absent of fear and pain. – Lindsay B.


Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Brozda was absolutely amazing! Our cat, Rascal was not himself after being diagnosed with spinal cord cancer. We attributed his sleeping more and lack of usage with his hind legs as end of life for him. We were horrified at the thought that he may be suffering. Dr. Brozda came to our home and was so compassionate when she thoroughly examined him. She was extremely honest in her evaluation and thankfully let us know that he is not ready yet. She did not rush her time and consistently monitored his actions. She advised on some changes we can do to make him more comfortable. We are extremely grateful to her for her honesty, compassion and overall thoughtfulness. We are fortunate to have him with us longer but must admit that if it was time that he would be in such loving hands. We can’t give her enough praise and gratitude along with Home with Dignity! – Chris S.


Philadelphia, PA

For one of the saddest days of pet ownership, Home with Dignity was an amazing comfort. I felt so at peace with letting go of my poor old girl dog. 💔 There was so much kindness and warmth from the veterinarian who came to our home. We couldn’t have asked for a more humane way to send or girl to peace. Thank you Home with Dignity. – Michelle L.

Brooklyn Sky

Philadelphia, PA

I was so impressed and grateful with every step of the process, of ensuring my beloved Brooklyn Sky was completely comfortable, in her own home, surrounded by those that she loved and that loved her, when she crossed over to doggie heaven. The Doctor was caring and considerate of my sweet girl as she lay in her favorite spot in her home. So gentle, so sweet. Thank you for making this difficult time a precious memory. – Angela K.


Colorado Springs, CO

In loving memory of Kodi. <3


Colorado Springs, CO

In loving memory of Oranges. <3


Colorado Springs, CO

In loving memory of Mason. <3


Colorado Springs, CO

In loving memory of Onyx. <3


Colorado Springs, CO

In loving memory of Newtie. <3


Colorado Springs, CO

In loving memory of Tundra. <3


Kansas City, MO

I am so grateful for this service. My sweet Bellini had reached the point where she was too fragile mentally and physically to tolerate a car ride to the vet. Dr Erin Sako came to the house and did a wonderful evaluation of her mental and physical state. She also shared all of her findings and thoughts to help us make an informed decision and be at peace with our decision. When the time came for Bellini to be put to sleep she talked us through the process and it went exactly as she said. Our sweet Bellini was at home and surrounded by love. It was one of the most difficult things I have experienced but also one of the most beautiful. I am forever grateful for Dr Sako and this entire organization. ❤ – Amy H.


Kansas City, KS

We had a 12 year old Greyhound with bone cancer. We felt she was too old to go through cancer treatments. It was a tough decision to let her go before she really started suffering. The folks at Home with Dignity were so helpful, they made it bearable. We sat on her favorite blanket in the yard where she spent years sunbathing. She was so happy. The veterinarian was so calming while explaining everything and stopping at each point to make sure we were ready. Ella passed in our arms as if she had fallen asleep. It was the most precious moment I could imagine. And I am so glad we got to say goodbye that way before she had to suffer and before we had to watch her suffer. I am so thankful for Home with Dignity. The moment would not have been the same if we had taken her somewhere to get euthanized. – Matthew N.


Kansas City, MO

Our sweet Spike crossed the rainbow bridge last night in the comfort of our home, surrounded by her humans and Titan (her companion). With the help of Dr. Shrauner we were able to ensure her final moments included her favorite blanket and couch, while we cuddled with her. I cannot thank Dr. Shrauner with Home With Dignity enough for his incredible compassion as he cared for our beloved Spike, even after she passed (wrapping her in a beautiful blanket to leave our home). We were not rushed in any part of the process, we were given plenty of time with her as we said our goodbyes. We were even able to hold her as she drifted off into her journey of crossing the rainbow bridge. – Jackie F.


Kansas City, KS

In loving memory of Max. <3


Kansas City, MO

In loving memory of Skippy. <3

KC Jane

Kansas City, KS

In loving memory of KC Jane. <3


Kansas City, KS

In loving memory of Reagan. <3

Motley Sue

Kansas City, MO

In loving memory of Motley Sue. <3


Atlanta, GA

In loving memory of this sweet, handsome boy, Ry. <3

Emma May

Minneapolis, MN

In loving memory of this sweet, beautiful girl, Emma May. <3


Minneapolis, MN

In loving memory of this sweet girl, Lillee. <3


Kansas City, KS

In memory of my sweet little old man, Ziggy. Thank you Dr. Ben Shrauner for making Ziggy’s transition as painless and peaceful as it could possibly be and for treating me with such care. – Cathy W.


Philadelphia, PA

My sweet boy Cooper needed me to help him go. It was such a gift to be able to, in his own house with his family. Coo was my heart. For 15 years he took care of me and was my best friend. Letting him go was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.

I was so fortunate to have Dr. Jessica Brozda come to my aid. She is an angel. Dr. Brozda showed me so much compassion and gave me all the time I needed to say goodbye. She explained every step of the way and asked permission from me when it was time. She made this very difficult day peaceful for both Coo and me. I cannot thank her enough for her kindness and obvious love of helping a mama who was falling apart. Thank you Dr. Jessica.

Thank you for being sent to me and helping me do what I thought I couldn’t.

There will never be a day I don’t think of him. My heart is broken. In the end, there was love, so much love 💔 – Debbie P.


Saint Louis, MO

We said goodbye to our beautiful girl on the 25th of September. She was only five years old. We love this girl with all our hearts and miss her so much. She was playful and sweet. She had the best “Pyr paw”. She was absolutely perfect.

Dr. Regan was amazing. He was gentle and explained everything as he did it. He made Luna and the rest of us feel comfortable and let us have plenty of time with her. – Laura D.


Colorado Springs, CO

I would like to thank you so very much for helping me and my family with Patches’s passing. He meant so much to us and lived a very long and full life. You helped make sure his last time here with us was with love and kindness and compassion. I appreciate it beyond words.

Sincerely, Tracy and Paul Allen and Mandy and Player.


Philadelphia, PA

Our Troy Boy was almost 16 years old when we laid him to rest. He had a long and happy life with so much love! Regardless that he was about 80lbs, he was a lap dog. My best friend. A true member of our family.

He always had the biggest smile!

When he was 7, we got a puppy for him to play with. Being overweight at the time, but came to life and was brought back to a healthy weight, just from running and playing with his new sister! They were inseparable.

He was a nudger for sure! Would slip under your arm anytime he could. And he had this adorable quirkiness about him when going outside. We had to open the door, he’d look at us, so we’d close the door. Then when opening again he would then go outside.

I think of that every time we let his sister Ivy out.

Bringing Home with Dignity was the hardest but best decision ever. Before the vet arrived, he had his last meal. Chicken, steak, bacon, eggs, and cheese. And a chocolate during his last few minutes.

The woman that came to help us say goodbye, was the most patient, compassionate person. Which helped in so many ways.

And the care package we received was really incredible. A lock of his hair, his paw print, and his urn. Along with grieving information, and a coloring book for our 8 year old daughter, to help her understand her feelings of loss.

I will Never take another animal to the hospital to say goodbye again. Unless I have no choice. He left this world in peace surrounded by those he loved and who loved him the most.

He will Never be forgotten. – Ashlyn L.


Colorado Springs, CO

This sweet girl came into my life August 2, 2015, 3 months and 1 day after I had said goodbye to my last dog who was also named Riley. She was my constant companion until I had to let her go to the rainbow bridge. It was a very difficult decision, but it was the right thing to do. She’s at peace now. I’m so grateful to Home With Dignity and Dr. Audrey Washburn for helping her pass away in the comfort of her home. I held her and talked to her until the end. I know she knew I was there and she was loved. R.I.P. sweet girl! Run free until we meet again. – Valeria J.


Colorado Springs, CO

Kyra traveled from a farm in Kansas to the Peyton Mill Dog Rescue where she met and hit it off with a cute black lab named Cypress in 2013. From there she was rescued and taken home. She was always a bit hesitant around new people, but could be quickly won over with pets, particularly a good ear scratch. Her past times included chasing rabbits and squirrels, sun bathing and seeking out any hand not busy, where she would nudge you to let you know you should be petting her. She also loved to cuddle with her other dog buddies. Kyra will forever be deeply loved and missed by her human parents. – Andrea C.


Baltimore, MD

Almost a year ago BARCS Animal Shelter put up a post and then ANOTHER post begging someone to please adopt 13/14 year old Old Soul. Full of lumps, barely any teeth, deaf and found in an abandoned building.. there’s no telling how long he had to fend for himself. Even though our beloved Tucker had just passed, I could not say no to this guy.. what the hell .. let’s show him an amazing couple of months. Now almost A FULL YEAR later we had to say goodbye to this gentle soul we named Fred. People say “ how great you all are to adopt a senior dog with problems” but I have to tell you, this guy did US a favor by letting us show him how life is supposed to be, for teaching us compassion , patience and appreciation and for letting us enjoy a small part of his life. I can’t say it enough.. adopt a senior pet, the love and appreciation they will have for changing their life( even for a little while) will also change yours REST IN PEACE Fred and give Tucker a lick for us Highly recommend Home With Dignity – Erinne OBrien Canuel


Kansas City, KS

Our sweet Frenchie Sky stopped using his back legs suddenly and seemed to be in a lot of pain. We took him to an ER Vet and they gave us some really rough news that he has IVDD that would require intensive spinal surgery and he’d potentially slip right back into the same issue and have to have multiple surgeries and maybe never have mobility again. We brought him home to be with him for the weekend while he was on pain medications and kept him as comfortable as possible while making the very difficult decision to have Home With Dignity guide him over the rainbow bridge with all of us at home by his side.

I’m so grateful Garrett Drake was able to come over and take these amazing pictures to remember him by. He was only 3 years old and extremely bonded with Sydney as they do everything together. The kids and I are completely heartbroken and it’s so hard to try to be tough on the outside for them when I am melting on the inside. I’m glad my sweet baby is out of pain and hope he is getting all the treats, love, and petting with Pixie on the other side of the rainbow bridge. – Leah Smith


St. Louis, MO

We had to say goodbye to our Precious Sox today. He gave us 16 years of love and memories. I hope he knows how much we all love him and will miss him. I am full of gratitude to Home With Dignity and Dr. Regan, who sat with us, asked us to share stories of our time with Sox and made sure everyone, including Sox was comfortable. Sox was able to go to sleep in our home peacefully, surrounded by love, and not afraid. Enjoy Doggy Heaven sweet boy. Make new friends, play hard and have fun no longer being in pain. Love you. – Michele Weinfeld-Johnson


St. Louis, MO

In loving memory of this beautiful, sweet girl, Sous Chef. <3

We said ”see you later” to our best friend, 15.5 year roommate, keeper of the house, fellow coparent (he raised those kids too), listener, secret keeper, snuggler, run-away, ex-con (doggie jail 🔒for 3 days one year on a breakout), farter (if ya know… ya know), beggar, people lover, shedder, fly chaser, napper and soul soother.

I can’t say enough kind words about Dr. Regan from Home With Dignity for helping make Buddy’s journey over the rainbow bridge peaceful and painless, in the comfort of our home. His compassion and kindness in one of the hardest moments of our lives is something we will never forget.

It’s a good reminder that YOU NEVER KNOW what life has in store. Sometimes, when you have too many margaritas🍸🍸🍸 at El Jimador and walk across the parking lot to Walmart, there’s a guy giving out puppies… and your life changes forever. I’m so glad I ordered that extra margarita that tipped me over the edge to make the “yep, that’s my puppy” decision! You’re welcome Randy!

Life will be a whole lot different at the Fleahman house. We appreciate all of our friends, family and dog-chasing neighbors that showed Buddy love and helped us care for him over the years. We’ll be forever thankful for our sweet boy and the time we had with him! – Valarie Holman Fleahman

Sous Chef

Baltimore, MD

In loving memory of this beautiful, sweet girl, Sous Chef. <3


Colorado Springs, CO

Rocko was my shadow, my best friend, my baby. I had him from the day he was born for 12 1/2 short years, he was with me through my twenties and stood by my side through every dark moment, he was my light.

Rocko loved exploring. He also loved family as much as he loved food and he’d be present at every gathering quick to help with any discarded scraps.

His cousin (my sister’s dog Akima) adored him as if they were blood. I couldn’t have asked for a better dog to help me through the last 12 years of my life. He is already horribly missed by me as well as everyone that got the pleasure to know him. Rest in peace sweet boy.

I also want to thank home with dignity for giving him the most peaceful passing we could’ve asked for with his condition and I appreciate how kind and understanding the vet was that saw him through his last moments. Thank you. – Tegan Y.


Kansas City, MO

Our Mad Madison is now smiling down on us from heaven. She’s riding in the Kabota with her Grandpa, checking on the cows.

Mads was ornery, the smartest, and don’t forget stubborn fur baby. Made up a song (sing to the tune Black Betty by Ram Jam-like played at Chiefs games) that fit her, “Oh Mad Mady bam a lam, dam dog gone wild bam a lam.”

She welcomed, after some time, a little sister Roxanne when she was 4. Those 2 were joined at the ridge, and Roxanne is mourning her big sister.

Madison passed peacefully at home thanks to the help of Home with Dignity.

She now roams our home, in every room, on the sofa, in the bed, swimming in the pool, getting treated-again, working in the office with her Mom, barking at the neighbors, going for runs and walks, playing with Roxy, going to the farm – all without pain and all with the biggest happy grin.

Our family feels her love every day and misses her terribly. – Pamela & John C.


St. Louis, MO

Daisy, From the day we brought you home from Open Door Animal Sanctuary, you stole our hearts. For 15 years you were part of our family. We will never forget all the joy you brought us. Thank you Dr. Birkner for helping with Daisy’s transition across the rainbow bridge. – Kevin & Carrie G.


Colorado Springs, CO

He was my Pandemic Pal. The last guy at the ASPCA. He had been seized from animal hoarders and was terrified. He was ferocious and they considered him vicious. We took one look at each other and we clicked. This picture was taken on the ride home. He wasn’t an easy dog. It took a year for him to trust me, but he finally did. We had another year for adventures- his first road trip, his first flight of stairs; his first dog park; his first hike. Then he was stricken with health problems and his vet suggested instead of 11 he was probably 15. This last year I nursed him and he taught me patience, acceptance and what determination truly means. He had such a will to live. I can finally embrace the trope: I just hope to be the person my dog thinks I am.

I loved that crazy little guy. – Kris K.


St. Louis, MO

In loving memory of this sweet, gorgeous girl, Alice. <3


St. Louis, MO

Our BB had been diagnosed with a mass cell tumor that was cancer and it had spread. During the testing process we were also told that he had kidney failure. It was time to say goodbye. Dr. Regan was awesome. Treated BB with respect and compassion. I would recommend Home with Dignity 100%. Thank you for making this difficult time easier to bear. – Ginger G.


Colorado Springs, CO

Jewel was our best friend of nearly twelve years. Rescued from a shelter in Florida, she was our rock through a multitude of adventures and life transitions, always ready to offer a big old kiss or a happy little song and dance. She had the most unique, infectious howl! Jewel most loved walks out in the sun, snuggling with her humans on the couch, playing with her Kong toys, and eating her favorite treats (especially bones and frozen green beans).

We’re biased, but we doubt there’s been a dog more faithful and loving than Jewel. We miss our girl every day, but are so grateful for the time we got to share. Even to this day, Jewel sends us her love through every sunset, rainbow, and little white feather that lands on our porch. We will always love you, our angel girl.

Love, Stacey, Audra, and brother in paws, Marco

Large Marge

Kansas City, MO

Large Marge may have started her life as our beloved Great Dane, however she left this world a favorite dog to many KISS fans. At the same time she joined our family, I was in the process of beginning a weekly KISS YouTube channel, branded as, “A man and his dogs celebrating the fun of being a KISS fan”, Large Marge not only ended up a cohost, she BECAME the show. She was loved not only by our family, but also by an entire audience of KISS fans who looked forward, each week to their Large Marge fix of cuteness. I will never forget you big girl. You will always have a place in our hearts. I Love you to the moon and back. Lastly, I cannot express how thankful my wife and I are for Home With Dignity. Dr. Sako, not only comforted Large Marge through this transition, she also placed our hearts at ease. For that, I will be forever grateful. – Ric H.


Kansas City, MO

From the first day I brought Delta home, I knew she was something special. She was so smart, and had such a sweet personality that she quickly grew into my best friend, constant companion, beloved family member, and my favorite hunting partner. She thought that running alongside the Gator and being in a duck blind with me and friends was the absolute best thing in the world. I feel extremely fortunate to have shared my life with her. I also feel grateful that I found Dr. Sako to help her end her suffering and I will never forget what she did for us. Rest in Peace, Delta. You earned it. – Bob D.


Philadelphia, PA

Dimples ♥ was a 16.5 year Lhasa Bichon was starting to succumb to the symptoms of degenerative myelopathy and dementia. She was always sweet and cheerful, and had the prettiest big eyes. Dr. Jessica Brosda Provided such empathy and compassion during this excruciatingly painful time. I will forever be grateful. I miss her tremendously. My house feels so empty without her. – Beverly E.


Minneapolis, MN

Puma was one of the greatest loves of my life. I rescued her in 2007 after I found her eating out of neighbors’ garbage bins. I fell so madly in love. She was always such a joy and comfort to me. When I knew it would soon be time to have to say goodbye, I wanted to do it in the comfort of the home that she loved, with me at her side.

Dr. Ashley Ng was truly AMAZING! I could not have asked for a more compassionate, patient, kind-hearted, comforting individual to be by my side to put my sweet girl to eternal rest. She explained everything thoroughly and was so patient as we transitioned through every step of the process.

I would highly recommend Home With Dignity (and Dr. Ng if you’re in the Twin Cities) to anyone who is facing the difficult decision of euthanizing their pet. – Christine B.

Shy Pie

Colorado Springs, CO

To the girl that saw me through everything. The girl that rescued me. Our little Hawaiian princess. You knew I needed a friend and that’s exactly what you’ve been for the last 11 years. I knew when I met you that you’d change my life. I’ll never stop missing you. I hope that you’re getting plenty of butt scratches and peanut butter sweet girl. Mom, Dad, sister, brother, and your dog brother will never forget you. Rest peacefully. April 2008 – May 2023 – Briana J.


Atlanta, GA

In memory of our beloved Freedom! We miss you so much princess, our hearts are broken! We know that you are pain free and living your greatest life across the rainbow bridge!! We love you so much!!! – Julie M.


St. Louis, MO

We adopted Cat when she was 7 months old in January of 2011. We had decided to adopt a cat due to our apartment complex having strict restrictions on dogs. I had never owned a cat before. We had went to the pet store multiple times to look at the cats who were available for adoption. From the first time we walked in, there was this one cat who without hesitation would come to the front of her cage and meow and paw at me through the cage. And each time we returned she would be right there waiting. So to say we chose her is an understatement, she definitely chose us. Her name at the time was Starburst. After several weeks of her refusing to acknowledge that name I began just calling her Cat. And sure enough she would come meowing every time. People always thought it was funny when they would ask what our cats name is and we replied “Cat”. 12 years and 4 months of being her parents was not enough. Although we have many fond memories of her and will always have a special place in our hearts for her. Rest in peace Cat! You are loved always and forever! – Shellie H.


Atlanta, GA

Canoe was a beautiful, kind, and very sensitive Pit Bull/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. She was rescued by an acquaintance of ours in Maine and due to horrible abuse Canoe experienced, she had many emotional issues which our acquaintance could not manage so they gave Canoe to us. Canoe immediately was relaxed and loved being in our house (with, at the time, we had 4 other dogs for her to play with). She flourished immediately and loved running outside, jumping in the river near our house, and into the small plastic pool we had for her and the other dogs. My wife and Canoe bonded immediately and pretty much was my wife’s dog from the beginning and until the end. Canoe was a small dog in a big dog’s body (approximately 65 lbs). She oftentimes would want to sit in my wife’s lap or squeeze between several other dogs and people just to be close. Along the way, it made my family’s collective hearts swell with such love and joy to help Canoe go from an abusive, mistreated (and misunderstood) past to a beautiful and loving life. We miss you Canoe and know you are in animal heaven being loved by all of our other puppies. – Jeff U.


St. Louis, MO

In loving memory of this beautiful girl, Holly. <3

Smokey & Moe

Kansas City, MO

In loving memory of these two beautiful pups, Smokey and Moe. <3


Kansas City, MO

In loving memory of this sweet, gorgeous girl, Kita. <3


Minneapolis, MN

In loving memory of this sweet boy, Hutson. <3


Kansas City, MO

In loving memory of this sweet, beautiful girl, Joanie. <3


Kansas City, MO

In loving memory of this sweet baby girl, Luna. <3


Colorado Springs, CO

In loving memory of this sweet, handsome boy, Bob. <3


Colorado Springs, CO

In loving memory of this sweet girl, Sahana. <3


Baltimore, MD

Odie came into my life a little over 14 years ago around the Christmas holiday and that time of year became special for us, a wonderful gift. He loved exploring the outdoors and his nose was always working overtime. He loved his chew toys with many only lasting a few minutes but there were those special ones which he kept around for most of life. He also taught our other dog Dexter the joy of chewing sticks. Outside his favorite spot was an old hollow tree stump, digging his way in and then dragging himself out on all fours. Miss you buddy you made our life very special. – Michael L.


Kansas City, MO

When I called to make arrangements the person that I spoke with was very respectful and showed compassion for what we were going through. Dr. Erin Sako notified me when she was on her way. On arrival and the entire time she was in our home she was very compassionate and caring. she treated Sofia, my daughter, granddaughter and myself with care and respect. Found them with Google and I am very glad that they are around to help in these situations. Sofia crossed the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge in her own home surrounded by family. They make a very sad and stressful situation less stressful. – Rhonda P.


Atlanta, GA

After making the difficult decision to say goodbye to Jazzy, I called Home with Dignity. The woman who answered the phone was kind, soft spoken and truly helpful. Dr. Acevedo arrived the next day and explained everything thoroughly. She took her time and let us say goodbye. It was a heart wrenching day, but Home with Dignity made it bearable. Thank you – Shari B.


Minneapolis, MN

We recently had to make the decision to put our 19 year old chihuahua Max to rest. Dr. Ng was the perfect blend of empathy and professionalism. We are grateful for her kind words and gentle approach. Would recommend this service to any family who is having to part with their furry family member. – Mariah F.


Colorado Springs, CO

Today we lost a Beloved family member. We said goodbye to Khodie Williams! Thanks for many years of Love and Protection! – Celeste W.


Colorado Springs, CO


St. Louis, MO

Hello – My name is Red A.K.A. Red Dog. My story begins when my initial family decided that my brother and I would be happier with another family so left us in a box on the steps of the Humane Society at 7 months old. Luckily for me, my new parents came to find a new baby and it was instant love at first sight for all of us. This is when I knew I had found my forever home. I have been very fortunate to have one mom, two dads (my first dad died when I was only 4) and a brother named Maxie (a West Highland Terrier) that my mom and second dad adopted from his mom. I have lived in three different homes in Chesterfield, Florissant and finally Creve Coeur Missouri so have gotten a chance to sniff all different scents, chase all sorts of wildlife and roll in many different grasses. I have always been a traveling dog. Car rides are my favorite and I even got to fly in an airplane. My grandpa was a pilot so got to travel to New Jersey a few times to spend time with him. I never met another dog or person that was a stranger. My family always has company for the holidays and throughout the year in which I was always included. Mom’s weekly water aerobics, Thanksgiving and Easter were always the best for begging as the treats were always plentiful. One of my favorite activities in life, however, was my service work at the nursing home. I volunteered weekly as their Pet Therapy at Delmar Gardens North for the last 5 years of my life. It was a true blessing for me and for all the residents. We all had smiles on our faces at the end of the day. Then after 16 years of a wonderful life, God decided it was time to take me to Rainbow Heaven. My parents wanted to make it as peaceful an experience for us all so they had a wonderful veterinarian from Home with Dignity come to our home and help us get through it with as much ease as possible. Because I had such a peaceful and easy transition into Heaven, I want to be able to offer this experience to others whose families may need some financial assistance. I look forward to greeting you at the Rainbow Bridge with a big tail wag where we can run and play for eternity. Love & Kisses, Red Dog


Colorado Springs, CO

Rest easy my sweet Ziggy. Both cats that inspired the creation of this business are somehow already gone. It doesn’t seem real. Zig’s cancer diagnosis came over a year ago, and was the same cancer that took his sister. Zoe’s passing was sudden and extremely unexpected, so I’m grateful for all of the goodbye time I had with MahZigman. One of the best things about our goodbye year was that he got to meet the baby 🥰.

Zig was a quintessential boy. Needy, rambunctious, playful, and a total mamas boy. He was my shadow, following me everywhere and awkwardly trying to snuggle at the worst possible times. He was also the first cat to be banned from free play here at the hotel while I was on a trip… because he was SOOO bad. He’d apparently just go around and hiss at every single cat, as if to say “do you know who I am?! This is MY house.” Sigh. He was a very bad Zig, but also very good 😊

He passed peacefully at home in my arms thanks to Home With Dignity. I sent him with his favorite toys, catnip, a bundle of grass he can scarf and barf in the afterlife, all snuggly wrapped up in a Patagonia jacket I was never ever going to wear again. How fitting… for what feels like the end of a really eventful chapter.

Rest In Peace mah Zig. Be nice to your sister until we meet again. Thanks for helping me through so, so much. 😇 🌈 👼


St. Louis, MO

We adopted Jewels 14 years ago. For the first 12 years of her life she rode to work with her Dad. She traveled all the way to Indiana many times with him. He was in delivery and she was his sidekick. This was such a difficult decision but one we knew we had to make. She is dearly missed. – Maria C.


Kansas City, MO

Josie was a year old when we adopted her from TARA in Kansas City, MO. She is an American Bulldog/Blue Heeler mix. At one year (as pictured) she was a beauty!! She had been returned because she was a fence climber!! We took a young grandson with us to be certain that the dog we brought home would be good with children. And Josie was energetic but so very sweet! She never met a stranger. ;). Built like a tank. And she thought she was a lap dog ♥. At 16 years and 8 months, she was still loving and gentle. Good girl!! A very special part of our whole family for a wonderfully long time! 💔

Dr. Ben was a special friend at the moment she needed. He made this difficult time easier. Thank you, Dr. Ben. – Tom and Lynn M.


Kansas City, MO

Rocko Moe was born on August 20th, 2010. He did not enter my life until November 4th, 2010 after answering an ad on Craigslist. The lady that listed him had over 30 inquiries and chose me to adopt him because she just had a feeling about me. He was the best $50 I have ever spent. From that moment I met him, I knew, he was the love of my life. He became my ride or die. My partner in crime. He was a very rambunctious puppy because of that Husky in him but that didn’t stop the compliments he got every where we went. He was the most gorgeous boy and had eyes of copper. There were a few rough years of him having separation anxiety but he grew out of it and never ever stopped having my heart attached to his. He spent some of his life on my property of 60 acres and thrived there. He loved exploring in the woods and getting into all sorts of trouble. At the ripe age of 6, he decided to eat something in the woods that cause an obstruction in his intestines. I quickly took him to the emergency vet and spent $8,000 on an emergency surgery with a 50% chance of his survival. I would have done that 1,000 times over to save his life. He has been with me through 4 relationships, 10 homes and more heartaches than I can count. Rocko had a way of being so independent and such a loner but when he knew his mom was hurting, he was the absolute best at putting himself next to me so I could hold on to something. He was literally the reason I did not give up on life many times throughout our time together. I loved and still do love him more than anything I have ever “owned” in my life and definitely in the top 3 of people I have ever loved. He was just that to me, a person. He was my child. When you don’t or can’t have children of your own, dogs can fill the void within your heart. When he left me on December 28th, 2022, he took a piece of my heart with him that will never be filled again. It will not be filled until I get to be with him again someday. I know my family up in heaven is taking care of him and loving on him for me. Home with Dignity made things the best as possible for him and I when he passed. I would never let him go in a vets office. They came to my home and let him be relaxed and at ease the whole time. I have his ashes and the keep sakes that they made for me on display in my house and I still get to kiss him goodnight every single night. ❤ – Tiffany


Kansas City, MO

At 17.5 years old, Tuffy was with us for nearly everything. From my first apartment and through three house moves. I worked from home for 12 years of his life, so we hungout together pretty much constantly and he went with us so many places. Rivers, lakes, oceans, and a million car rides. It’s extremely difficult to say goodbye to someone who has been part of every special moment in your adult life and I really don’t have the words for how I’m feeling. We’ve talked about so many funny things he did, looked at pictures and videos from the past 17 years, and sobbed until we didn’t have tears left only to find out we did in fact have more. We finally picked out a grave marker, memorial box, and memorial photo print after spending hours looking because nothing seemed good enough. I also ordered a smart frame so we can see all our pictures of him. We’ve found so many that we’d forgotten about while digging back through albums and Facebook. So many good memories. – Megan C.


Kansas City, MO

Doug was a wonderful, unforgettable cat, and we’re most grateful of all for the eleven years we got to spend with him. – Pat T.


Baltimore, MD

Bella was our world. She was almost 14 and I was not ready to let her go. Dr. Dan examined her and assured me it was her time. He was so compassionate and took his time with our girl. We will miss her every moment of every day but we know in our hearts that she went peacefully on her own terms (everything was on Bella’s terms!) We love you our little pumpkin 😔 – Chrissy G.


Philadelphia, PA

I adopted my girl Lola at just 12 weeks old….. and she was so cute! I am single with no kids so she was my baby. She was also everyone else’s baby! My nieces and nephews adored her. So did all my friends and extended family. She was just the sweetest. That is why I called her my sweet girl. Never growled, snapped at or frightened anyone. She always took treats very gently but was a very picky eater. Pizza and meatballs were her fave until she was told to go on a diet. When she did she lost 3 pounds!

Each Halloween we dressed up. We were Elsa and Anna, the good witch and bad witch, Wilma and Betty but her best Halloween costume was Lola the showgirl, with yellow feathers in her hair.
She went through a lot of health issues including losing both her eyes to glaucoma. So the last 4 years of her life she was blind but you would have never known it. She was resilient and she figured out her way around.

She was almost 16 years old when she passed. The last few years she was happiest next to me on the couch while I worked from home.

She was spoiled. Very spoiled. She was also very loved. She was my heart. I miss her immensely. – Janai B.


Kansas City, MO

Weasley was 18 when he passed peacefully. I found him as a stray kitten in the rain. I took him with me to 3 different states (plus the drive to get to those), he lived in 16 different homes with me, and he was kind of a jerk. A jerk I love so much that I already had a tattoo of him before he passed. We had a lot of adventures and we got through a lot of bad times together. He leaves behind his bonded mate, and a 28 pound hole in my heart. He was my 3 year old daughter’s best friend, and “Weas?” Is one of the only things my nonverbal love says. Thank you, Home with Dignity, for the compassionate, calming service call; as well as the follow up postcard. It made me cry that your company cares so much for a pet that was and continues to be so important to me. – Rachel T.


Colorado Springs, CO

I adopted Apollo in Chicago when he was around 10 months old. I don’t know much about his life before me but based on his anxiety, and fear of brooms and shoes when I first adopted him, I imagine his life wasn’t that great before we met. With that being said, he truly rescued me more than I rescued him. He lived a very adventurous life in many different parts of the country including Chicago, IL Santa Monica, CA and he was able to live out the last 8 months of his life in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. He loved to swim, loved tennis balls, loved car rides, and loved to go on long hikes. Actually, he loved anything as long as it meant going on an adventure with me. Letting Apollo go was one of the hardest experiences of my life but thanks to Home With Dignity I wouldn’t change anything about the day when it was finally his time to transition. I am so happy that Apollo and I can help another family during this very difficult time and I know Apollo will be waiting to greet your furry loved one on the other side.


Atlanta, GA

Our little Jerry was our pride and Joy. We had 14 wonderful years with him watching him be so playful and so personable. He loved to sit with us at night watching TV and loved playing with his brother Tom.

We already miss him so much. He will always be with us…our hearts are broken but we know he is no more suffering and is running and playing in kitty heaven…

Thanks to Dr Crowder, Morgan and Chanell from Sweet Dreams. They were so comforting to Jerry and to us during the process. – Bob & Dottie D.


Minneapolis, MN

My Khiya Fluffykins No Bite was taken early due to a very aggressive cancer. The loss is gut wrenching, but the seven years had with her were absolutely amazing. She was a sweet soul, a great companion, and very much a therapy dog for me. After a 24 hour shift, coming home to her and her brother Bodie was an automatic stress relief. All our hours at the river, hiking deer camp, and enjoying Wisconsin Point will forever be with me.

She was so loved and will be deeply missed by her human mom and dad, brothers and sister. But words cannot describe the loss her brother Bodie must feel.

You will always be with us, sweet girl.

I can’t thank Dr. Ashley enough; what she provided was immeasurable. – Mark A.


Baltimore, MD

Moonshine was our gentle giant. We adopted him in 2012. The best decision ever. He brought so much love and happiness to our family. Moon had tumors throughout this body and arthritis. At 16 years old he began to really slow down in July. I held on to him for me. I decided in early September that it was time for me to let him go. My heart was shattered at the thought of him not being with our family. My niece recommended Home with Dignity. I am forever grateful for Dr. Dan. He made this heart wrenching process peaceful and allowed Moon to be at home in his bed surrounded by love when he passed over the Rainbow Bridge on 09/17/22. Dr. Dan is compassionate and very loving. Thank you so much Home with Dignity and Dr. Dan. – Stephanie O.


Atlanta, GA

I always promised my boy that I would do everything in my power to say goodbye at home. Thanks to Home with Dignity and Dr. Siomara Acevedo I was able to do just that. As absolutely painful as saying goodbye to Brewster was, and will continue to be, the entire experience can only be described as beautiful. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer Wednesday morning, it had been hiding in there, but wasn’t flagging as a possibility on his bloodwork until last week. We said goodbye Saturday because it was clear his body was starting to shut down and he was tired- Except for his last bought of energy that popped up when the doorbell rang one last time for him.

Dr. Acevedo showed up right at our appointment time to begin the process. She was so supportive and at no time did we feel rushed, she asked consent every step of the way. She walked us through the steps she would be taking and was so incredible gentle with my baby. We were able to have our other dog present the entire time as well, which we feel was good for all us, especially to help us process our grief.

We spent a solid hour and half going through the transition with Brewster. We were able to just hold and love on him before the sedative was given. Once that was done, we continued to hold and love on him for about 10 minutes before she asked if we could move on to the next step. We held him through everything. Once the final injection was done and she confirmed he was gone, she gave us some more time alone with him as a family. We were able to take some beautiful photos, she helped us get some inked prints we were unable to do when he’d wiggle his paw away prior and helped us get some bits of hair to keep with us. When it was time to let his body go, she gently swaddled him into a blanket and let us carry him to her car.

I was so worried he’d be going into a cooler or a box… but no. He had a bed laid out in her trunk just for him. So we were able to lay him on there. She made sure we were comfortable saying goodbye before she closed her trunk.

Thank you so much for offering this service, and for the gentleness and compassion everyone we worked with and spoke to provided. It doesn’t take the pain from losing a loved one away, but it does show there is kindness in this world, and that people sign up to help others through one of the worst moments as a pet parent.

The only thing I wish we could have done differently was sign paperwork prior to the appointment, but we understand that may not be possible. It did not cloud our experience though. – Ann B.


Minneapolis, MN

Our sweet boy, Casey, crossed the rainbow bridge on 9/12/22. He was a cherished member of our family and we were blessed to have 18+ wonderful years with him. He brought so much joy to our lives and was my little shadow up until the very end when he could no longer see, hear and mobility became a challenge. I’m so grateful to have found Dr. Ashley and Home with Dignity! We wanted a peaceful passing for Casey in our home in his dog bed that he loved, surrounded by his family and favorite toy (a stuffed hedgehog), not a stressful car ride to the clinic that caused him anxiety as he got older. Dr. Ashley was so kind and gentle with Casey and guided us through each step of the process with compassion and empathy. We couldn’t have asked for a smoother transition for Casey and for us. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you, Dr. Ashley!! You truly are an angel sent from above!! – Denise K.


Baltimore, MD

I can’t even begin to say how grateful I am that this service exists. My best friend and constant shadow crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on my birthday, 9/12. Not the best birthday I’ve ever had, but knowing we will always share a special day together does mean a lot. Marley had been pretty sick, and making one of the most difficult decisions in life was made so much better by having the assistance of Home with Dignity-Baltimore

My best friend had to call them and set up the appointment for us, as I was to upset to talk on the phone, knowing my furry best friend was going to be leaving me. All the arrangements were made over the phone and Dr. Dan Zakai was sent to assist Marley in crossing over the Rainbow Bridge. This man was awesome, so kind and gentle with Marley, petting her and stroking her as if she were his own. He answered every question I had and explained everything that was going to happen and agreed with me that under the circumstances of her illness I was making the best decision for her. He spent a little over an hour with us and was so kind and gentle, he made you feel as though you’d know him your whole life. After he had carried her in her bed and blanket out to his car to make her final trip, he came back into the house and said he had to give me a hug. What a Wonderful man! Thank you Dr. Dan, you made a most difficult time in my life and Marley’s, much better than it would have been if I had taken her to the Vets office, which I have done many times in the past, the last, only 2 short years ago. You don’t get the quality time there that is given by Home with Dignity.

If I ever have another pet, I will never again take them to the Vet to cross the bridge on their final journey.

Thank you again, Dr. Dan for your caring and compassion. – Peggy V.


Kansas City, MO

Jasper was born in my backyard. He was part of a group of feral cats I was feeding. I sat outside every night while they ate and he started coming to me. At first just for petting, but soon he was sitting on my lap. After he got ringworm, I brought him into the garage to treat him and then into the house. I noticed him doing things that were unique to a dog I used to have. When that dog died, I told her to come back as a cat. I know Jasper was that dog. He followed me around the house and met me at the door. He was so loving. I miss him every day. I’m grateful for the years we had and at peace with helping him transition to spirit this time. – Tammie


Colorado Springs, CO

Best dog I’ve ever had. Diagnosed with bone cancer at 8 yrs old. We did everything we could and our insurance paid for almost all of it. We put her through several surgeries, an artificial leg, physical therapy and chemo, but it still went through her body. Not sure we would do all that again. It was a lot for her to go through. Once we knew it has spread, we had to let her go. One of the saddest days of my life. Doing this at home where she was comfortable and avoiding all the hassles of taking her into a clinic (that represented so much pain and struggle), was the only way to go. Peaceful, private, personal – if you have to do this, there is no better way! Thank you everyone at Home With Dignity. – John


Colorado Springs, CO

I am forever grateful to find this agency and get to meet Andy Majed. He truly was an angel today when it was time for me to say goodbye to my 18 1/2-year-old Shih Tzu named Sammy. He excepted my case even though I was out of his service area. He came and took the time to get to know Sammy and me and to make sure they were giving me the things that I wanted for her. The entire process there was no rush no hurry and in fact it was encouraged to take the time and love on her before during and after. I highly highly recommend them it’s so much better for them to pass away in their own home than to be at a veterinarians office in an exam room. It was better for her and my other three dogs to be there with her. I will forever be grateful for these angels who were there for me and her on a very difficult day. God bless you all and especially Trisha, Tabitha and Dr. Matchett – Stacy


Colorado Springs, CO

I have never mourned a dog like I have Louie. Louie came into my life at a difficult time and became my constant companion. He was so patient, sweet and loving; he was the best dog I’ve ever loved. – Judy


Kansas City, MO

Our Bella has always been happiest outside. When it came time for her to pass we knew we didn’t want her final moments to be filled with stainless steel tables and the smell of disinfectant. Home With Dignity lives up to every word of their name. Bella was able to spend her last moments where she’s always felt most at home – outside, with the sun shining and the wind mussing her fur. Everyone I interacted with was warm, professional, genuinely compassionate, and quick to respond – without being intrusive or falsely syrupy. I truly believe Home With Dignity gave our *whole* family, furred and furless, the most peaceful and perfect way to say goodbye. – Nicki


Colorado Springs, CO

My sweet boy Dakari took his last breath yesterday in the comfort of our home, surrounded by those who loved him, and with me (his mama) stroking and kissing his face until the end. He gave me/us over 13 years of love, joy, smiles and happiness. It was so difficult to say goodbye but the decision was right for him… he was not well (dreaded cancer) and he was tired. He would have held on for me as long as he could, but it would have been out of my selfishness. So, love forced me to set him free. It was quick and peaceful… he was ready. Dakari was like no other, the sweetest, most loving boy, who never gave me any issue. I cannot express just how much of my heart this boy held… His legacy lives on in his daughter (my Raven) … but this house will never be the same. He has left a huge hole in our lives… but we are grateful for every second, every memory – even the few days we bought at the end just to sit with, talk to and pet him. Dr. Matchett was kind, compassionate and empathetic. We are so grateful to have made this choice… it didn’t feel right to put him through the stress of taking him somewhere for the inevitable. We love you our sweet boy … you will be missed every moment of every day. Thank you Home With Dignity for providing this service to be with our babies until the very end. RIP my sweet boy


Colorado Springs, CO

We would like everyone to meet one of our Guardian Angels. Toby was a Therapy dog. He was very gentle with children. Anytime the family would be watching tv shows with animals, he would bark and whine at the screen. He loved to go for car rides and walks. He will be forever in our hearts. – Eydie