Contact us for In-home Euthanasia for Your Pet

Contact Us for In-home Pet Euthanasia or End-of-life Care

If your matter is urgent don’t wait on email.

Please call:  (719) 495-2100

Please Note: Our practice is limited to end-of-life pet care only.  We do not do general practice.  If you need an appointment or if you just have a question, feel free to use the email address link here;  

Note:  If you are looking for an accurate quote, we will need to know these four things:

  1. The general part of the city where you live,
  2. The type and general weight of your pet,
  3. If you want us to provide transportation to the cremation facility,
  4. If you would like your pets ashes returned to you or if you prefer a plain cremation with no ashes returned.

After we talk by phone, we will email you the quote along with a sheet explaining what to expect.

Occasionally we will recommend you seek a second medical opinion.  We have great working relationship with the finest veterinary hospitals in the Colorado Springs area and trust their medical expertise in rendering such an important opinion.  We will guide you in this.