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What To Expect

Pet Euthanasia at Home

The main reason for an in-home euthanasia is privacy, peace and to decrease your pet’s anxiety by being at home where they are most comfortable. When done correctly it is a very beautiful and peaceful passing. Veterinary Medicine has come a long way and so has the process of a peaceful euthanasia.  I am pleased that now this procedure can be done in the privacy of your home.

What The Fees Cover: The fee we discussed over the phone covers several key things;  1) the consultation time of a highly experienced veterinarian to examine your pet and to reassure you the time is right.  2) We make sure the right sedation and other medications are being used in the proper way and according to state and federal law, and each case is different.  3) the medications must be administered correctly and we are right there if there is any unusual reaction, and finally,  4) If you choose for us to take care of your pet when the procedure is over, the fee for this covers the process of transportation and all needed aftercare of your pet.  We do all of this, so there is no need to coordinate with another business for another visit to pick up your pet.  We feel very strongly that, at a time like this, you do not need yet another intrusion in your home.  So your pet is transported immediately with a great deal of dignity and respect.

Getting To Know You and Your Pet:

Depending on our initial phone call, we may want to take a bit of time to get to know you, your family and your pet.  If necessary we’ll perform a very brief exam. Much of this is a simple conversation with you about your pet’s medical or behavioral history that led up to this decision. Over many years, we’ve found this is very reassuring to you and your family that the right decision has been made and at the right time. It is reassuring to know that you have a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in your home at this critical time and we want to make sure all your questions are answered.

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Watch This Video Explanation of What To Expect

We do not rush this procedure unless the need is urgent. A call typically takes about an hour but may vary. The process itself is two stages; we’ll give your pet a heavy sedative and this takes about 15 minutes to work. While they are sleeping they can still hear you and they know you are there, so this is very important time for you and any family member to reassure them and say good-bye.  You may show any emotions you wish – there is no wrong way to react. Saying goodbye is hard, but the process will be dignified, peaceful and private!

Then when we all agree, the final injection is given and it is a simple injectable anesthesia given in an overdose and your pet will gently drift into their peaceful transition over the next 60-90 seconds. They can hear you as they drift to sleep and we encourage you to say anything you would like during this time. This injection is generally done intravenously, but sometimes other routes of administration are used, especially if there is urgency or if their blood pressure is simply too low to find a vein. Other routes of administration are often used in cats.

It is a very peaceful process, one that honors your pet’s life and is dignified. We know how much your pets mean to your family. We will treat you and them in a way that leaves you with good memories of the time you had together.

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