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Our In-home Euthanasia Fees

The cost of our service is similar to that of a regular veterinary hospital or house call veterinarian. A recent survey found our fees are about the same as other quality services. However, the benefits are very special, and we have several unwavering standards – that are priceless;

  • Appointments as soon as our schedule allows
  • Telephone consultations as needed
  • Genuine mature compassion that only comes with decades of life experience
  • Uninterrupted attention and compassion during the time we are with you
  • The most modern procedures veterinary medicine offers
  • Saving you a difficult or hurried trip to the veterinary hospital or emergency clinic

We hope all families can afford our highly unique and compassionate care. We pride ourselves on professionalism and helping families experience a gentle end-of-life transition for their beloved pet. See what others have said.

In order to get an exact quote we need to know a few key things about your location and your pet. (See below to find out what we need to know)  After we speak on the phone, we will email you an accurate quote along with other important information in preparation for the call. Below is what the fees include and some of your options:

  1. The housecall, a physical exam and consultation time with Dr. Humphries or Dr. Crane.
  2. The two stage euthanasia process involves a safe, deep sedation and pain relief, then at the right time, the final injection is given. This is a medical procedure and it is not a “one size fits all” process. Each pet is evaluated for the correct medications that will relieve their pain, calm them and let them drift into a deep sleep and relaxation.
  3. Then, if desired, transportation in our specially designed SUV. This includes controlled and dignified custody and care to the cremation facility.
  4. Finally, if cremation is desired, the fee is simply determined by the weight of the pet and whether or not you would like your pets ashes returned to you. For your convenience, we collect the fees for the cremation facility so you do not have another bill to worry about. The fee varies according to the aftercare options you choose.

In Home Pet Euthanasia CostWHAT WE NEED TO KNOW: In order to give you an accurate quote, we need to know the weight of your pet, the part of the city where you live, if you want us to provide transportation for your pet, and if you would like your pet’s ashes returned – or not. Because of these variables, please call and we will help you make the right decision for you and your family.

Very often we have the time for a second opinion on the phone and can help walk you through your decision.  We know how hard it is to make that first phone call.  Remember, this is a very personal practice. We do not use an answering service, so please feel free to call with questions.  You will find compassion, understanding and experience on the other end of the phone.

You may email through the web site contact us section, or call us at our direct line: 719-495-2100.  If we cannot answer the phone, please leave a message.  You may also email me directly at

Home Pet Euthanasia Cost