Pet Loss Support Group

Southern Colorado – Pet Loss Support Group

Are you having a hard time dealing with the death of your pet?

It is completely normal to feel sadness, grief, and other difficult emotions after the death of a pet no matter what other people may say! If you or someone you know would like support or help with the loss of a pet, come to our free Pet Loss Support Groups sponsored by:

Homeward Bound Pet Memorial Center and Crematorium, 318 Karen Lane, Colorado Springs, CO 80907;

The death of a much-loved pet can cause tremendous sadness and grief. This is especially true if you were very close to your pet and shared a special relationship. Unfortunately, people who have never loved a pet may not understand how difficult it can be. They may not understand the depth of your grief and may even minimize your feelings or make you feel foolish.

The group is led by an experienced veterinary grief specialist.  Pet Loss Support Group meets the second Tuesday of each month.  All meetings are 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm