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Meet Dr. Jim Humphries

Dr. Jim Humphries

At a time like this, you need an experienced professional with medical knowledge AND emotional maturity!  Dr. Humphries is a seasoned professional with genuine compassion that only comes from a lifetime of experience.  


Dr. Humphries At A Glance:

  • Adjunct Professor At Texas A&M’s College Of Veterinary Medicine
  • Popular Speaker at All State and National Veterinary Meetings
  • Author of Several Books and Countless Articles on Animal Health
  • CBS The Early Show Veterinarian In New York For 12 Years.
  • CNN and Fox News Specialty Contributor
  • Contributor at Veterinary Practice News – End of Life Care
  • Founder of the Prestigious American Society of Veterinary Journalists
  • Executive Producer at Veterinary News Network
  • US Army Veterinary Corps
  • Special Interests: Cancer, Pain, End-Of-Life Issues

For 40 years, he has had an interesting and varied career that has led him to providing end-of-life care and at home pet euthanasia for animals.  From acting as the Pets and Animal reporter for CBS This Morning in New York, to CNN Morning News and WFAA-TV8 Dallas, Dr. Humphries is also a well-respected leader in the veterinary profession.  He has spoken at every state and national veterinary meeting in the US and Canada and regularly leads full day workshops for veterinarians and hospital staff.

Dr. Humphries lectures at a major national continuing education meeting.

Graduating from one of the most prestigious Colleges of Veterinary Medicine in the world, Texas A&M University in 1977, Dr. Humphries became the Base Veterinarian at Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center in Denver and served as the public health officer for a five state region. Leaving the service as a Major Officer.

Throughout his medical career, Dr. Humphries’ special interests included cardiology (and heart failure), trauma and pain management, dentistry and oral surgery, and behavior problems.  He’s even worked with the University of Texas Health Science Center’s EMT program to develop new shock protocols for animals. It is during his study of pain management where he discovered a real interest and passion for animals nearing the end of life. This passion led Dr. Humphries to his practice today, Home with Dignity; where at home pet euthanasia is a way for people to choose a respectful and dignified end to their pet’s lives.

Dr. Humphries also has a passion for communications.   “Dr. Jim” became a well-known fixture in the local Dallas-Ft. Worth media market, beginning with a talk radio program that eventually became syndicated nationwide to 1,200 markets. This lead to a job as the Animal Health Reporter for both WFAA-TV8 (ABC), and KXAS-TV5 (NBC).

Understanding the incredible value this had to the public, this led to a second career in the public media and education.  After one appearance at CBS, Dr. Jim was asked to become the veterinary contributor to CBS The Early Show in New York with Paula Zahn, Harry Smith, Bryant Gumble and Mark McEwen. He was also a regular expert guest for CNN Morning News, Animal Planet, and other programs on The Lifetime Channel.

He has written for Family Circle Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Dallas Times Herald, and many others.  He developed his own syndicated half-hour cable television show that was seen on three cable networks and wrote two books on pet care featuring Betty White’s forward and endorsement.  Dr. Jim and Betty White have remained good friends to this day.  Here she is in her home on her 86th birthday. 

Dr. Humphries has served as a media spokesperson for the giants in the Veterinary Medical industry.  He completed 25 national media tours promoting veterinary care and animal health.  He even developed a television production company in Dallas that has garnered 25 national awards. This company now focuses on educational videos within the veterinary profession. 


After gaining a deep understanding of journalism and media, Dr. Humphries founded the Veterinary News Network (VNN), and The American Society of Veterinary Journalists (ASVJ) and both organizations unique to the profession and have set the standards for news and journalism in veterinary medicine.  


Things most people do not know about Dr. Humphriesflying side kick

  • He was an expert marksman in the US Army
  • He has served as a firefighter during college years
  • He has logged over 2,000 hours an instrument rated, multi-engine, commercial pilot
  • He is a long time black belt martial arts instructor, and has trained in a variety of styles and many expert instructors over several decades.



As an ultimate honor, in 2012 Dr. Humphries was asked to join the Faculty at Texas A&M’s College of Veterinary Medicine as an Adjunct Professor.  He uses his many years in national media to teach both faculty and students communications and managing media interactions.  Dr. Humphries says; “This was an incredible honor.  To be able to go back to my college and influence both senior students and the entire faculty is both a thrill and very humbling!”


Dr. Jim Humphries and his wife now live on a horse ranch in Black Forest, Colorado called “Mariah Ridge” an all-weather facility. She gives riding lessons (classic instruction, hunt seat, saddle seat and western) for adults and youth riders of all levels. Patricia was awarded the Arabian Horse Association’s Rider of Supreme Honor and Rider of Excellence.  She has ridden to National Top Ten Honors eleven times! She is also the Equine Handling Instructor for veterinary technician students. These students must pass her course to complete their AVMA requirements to become a Certified Veterinary Technicians (or CVT).

They both have a real passion for BIG dogs!  Their pet family includes many rescued pets, from Great Danes to several working cats!

“Having pets all my life, I not only know the incredible benefits and joy they bring us, but I also know the unfortunate heartache of loss because they leave us too soon.  Because of this I have a special interest in the new and fast-growing specialty of Palliative and Home Hospice care, which includes a peaceful end of life.” Humphries said.

“Our pets are living longer today because of better nutrition and advanced medicine and cancer therapies.  Many pet owners want their pets to enjoy the remaining months they have.  These pets that give us so much unconditional love, joy and sense of family, deserve the best end to their life we can give them.  That includes pain control, special nutrition, the ability to enjoy and interact with family, and just like you and I, the dignity they deserve as they reach the end of life.” 

Pet Euthanasia

 This is “Taylor Dane” who lost her battle with bone cancer in September of 2015.  She was one of the greatest dogs I’ve ever had in my life, and I deeply miss her! 

AA Taylor