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Be Cautious

This is a critical medical procedure that requires:


1. A Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) Degree
2. A License To Practice Veterinary Medicine In This State
3. Completion Of The National Veterinary Board Exams
4. Completion Of The State Veterinary Board Exams
5. Maintenance Of Annual Licensure Requirements
6. A DEA License For Use Of Controlled Substances
7. Properly Maintained DEA Logs For All Controlled Substances

One home-euthanasia service operates in our community and uses recent graduates and part-time veterinarians because the business is owned by a technician and not a veterinarian.  You should choose carefully because, in my opinion and experience, the process of pre-sedation and euthanasia requires a deep understanding of medicine and many years of practice experience which a new graduate or part time veterinarian may not have.  We have heard troubling stories about botched or difficult euthanasias, so again, please choose carefully!

A230_lgWhy is this important? Pets near the end of life have very serious medical problems and many complications. The process of pre-sedation and pet euthanasia requires a deep understanding of medicine and many years of practice experience.

And further, there is much more to this type of service than medical knowledge and experience.  The veterinarian you choose must have a high degree of both professional and emotional maturity. This only comes from decades of medical and LIFE experience. This combination of traits is frankly hard to find and you should not take a chance with your pets last moments.

Remember we are caring for your pet, and we are there for you and your family as well. There is no substitute for a lifetime of maturity and experience concerning in home pet euthanasia.  It would be our honor to help you and your family through this difficult time.